In the quiet, lush lanes of Carmichael Road in the heart of South Mumbai, this 1,635-square-foot apartment is situated at the top of a delightful eight-storey, Art Deco low-rise. The homeowner, who grew up in the building next door, fell instantly in love with this charming old home. However, its weak bones meant the structure had to be completely gutted before renovating it.

The living room is styled with sofas, a swivel chair and a coffee table from West Elm. The rug is from Jaipur Rugs with terrazzo flooring cast in situ by Bharat Flooring. Adorning the space are plants from Grow with Love, cushions from Altrove and fabric artwork made in-house at the NKD studio.

The Light Cube Photography/Pulkit Sehgal

On one side of the living room is this lovely vintage Otto Berlin 1945 piano. Next to it, a 130-year-old heirloom chandelier hangs above a striking artwork from Sri Lankan artist Senaka Senanayake.

The Light Cube Photography/Pulkit Sehgal

Before he even finalized the apartment, he invited interior designer Noorein Kapoor, creative director of Noorein Kapoor Design (NKD), to walk through the home and get to know the space. The abundant natural light flooding the house was a huge draw for Kapoor. “My clients and I go back a long way since I’ve renovated their office in the past. It’s safe to say they are my friends now,” she smiles. “The best part is that we were all more or less on the same page.”

Designed for a family of three, the home consists of a well-lit foyer and kitchen followed by an arched door that leads into the living room, terrace, dining area, den, powder toilet and two bedrooms. The design story started with a short and sweet brief: a simple European-looking home. “But European design can be extremely vast, encompassing so many strong style influences,” explains Kapoor. “We made notes of the key takeaways of this aesthetic and started the process of elimination. I soon realized that my clients were gravitating towards a contemporary, timeless, modern-vintage European-style home, with clean lines, versatile comfortable furniture and functional spaces.”